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Kydea works in the field of software engineering and management consulting providing IT compliance solutions in several industrial sectors with a specific focus on the pharmaceutical value chain.

Born from the twenty-year experience of its founding partners in the pharmaceutical field, today it is an ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP Compliant (Good Manufacturing Practice) company that meets the regulatory standards required by the pharmaceutical sector (FDA, Eudralex, AIFA).

Research and innovation, alongside leading industry multinational corporations, have allowed Kydea to develop Pharma Digital Twin, a complete modular solution, built around the Futuryng ecosystem. This allows pharmaceutical companies to plan, manage and optimize processes with a proactive approach reducing risk, increasing efficiency and reducing time, costs and waste.

Pharma Digital Twin allows creation of digital simulations in real time, to map every process of production and distribution of products along the supply chain and it introduces a new generation of connected and GxP compliant systems in the pharmaceutical environment for interfacing machines, processes, operators, and entire organizations.

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Kydea has created a new break-through paradigm of connectivity able to redesign the “life cycle” of all products, processes, and services of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Through the Pharma Digital Twin:

We connect the physical world with the digital one

We integrate sensors necessary to send critical and relevant information that can be analyzed, processed and transformed by the PDT

We digitize all processes in real time.

We use the information collected by sensors to connect and integrate it , to model and guide the pharmaceutical processes / assets in a smart way along the entire supply chain.

We trace safely the whole supply chain.

We connect every single process step between different organizations through a reliable ecosystem able to guarantee end-to-end traceability, transparency, and security.

Kydea Services

IoT System Integration

Kydea enables the integration of industrial application software based on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain technologies, allowing users to “activate” and “deactivate” the capabilities associated with them according to customer’s needs

Computer System Validation

This service guarantees the Computer System Validation, according to GAMP guidelines, certifying that the system is adequate for the intended use and complies with the current GMP regulations  (FDA, EUDRALEX, etc.)

Pharmaceutical Consulting

Kydea provides support to Customers to increase their capabilities, to optimize their performance, and to sustain their technological improvement.

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Smart Factory

Solution that allows the aggregation of data from old and new generation sensors and real-time integration with external data sources with the aim of creating dashboards, telemetries, and KPIs


Solution for managing checklists with configurable content corresponding to processes and monitored activities. It can be integrated with other internal and external systems, profiling individual users or user categories

Digital Sensing

Solution that orchestrates the connection of sensors, cameras, and acoustic devices to monitor temperatures, humidity, and pressure in order to prevent problems in poorly-controlled areas.

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